A Million Daffodils

When the former pilot Keith Owen died, he left his fortune to the seaside town of Sidmouth, to brighten up the place he loved and visited many times. Since then more than 300 people have helped to realise his dream, planting bulbs around the town, making Sidmouth an even lovelier place than before. One of his ideas was to ‘plant a million daffodils’, this has been fulfilled, and the town and areas around it is now a sea of golden yellow and will be every spring.

Late on Sunday afternoon, after my walk at the Byes, where many carpets of daffs are blooming, I climbed a little way up Peak Hill where I knew the sight would be wonderful. Puffing my way past the flowers I sat here and enjoyed the view.

daff1Once I’d got my breathe back, I tried to get some good shots, but the blue sky from earlier was misty.


I walked a little way back down, and the glow as I shot into the sun was dazzling.

What a generous soul Mr Owen must have been, and what a lasting legacy he has left!

February Monochrome

Jude’s Garden photography challenge this month is monochrome, and this is my second entry. Last week I posted flowers, but like Jude I wouldn’t usually convert flowers to black and white and now here I am doing it again. As she points out this week, it’s all about texture, shape and structure, get that right and even flowers can look good in black and white.

j's gc 7.2_edited-2

So, what do you think, does this tick the box?

Flora Monochromis

Jude’s having a garden photography challenge this year, did you know?
So for February the theme is black and white and we are free to interpret it any way we like. I like other peoples monochrome photos but rarely try it myself, so this month I may have a couple of tries, starting with this fritillary.


I took this photo in April last year, at the Challice Well garden in Glastonbury, I’ll try to be more seasonal with my next entry!

A Contrast of Winter

Jude is having a garden photography challenge this year, and for January the theme is Winter Gardens.

I took the first photo at home a few days ago. I was surprised to see the young bud shooting out, it usually flowers from late April, and like many plants this year it’s confused.


It’s a Beschorneria yuccoides, a Mexican plant that’s been in the garden for about seven years and was a baby, below in 2009’s snow.


Snow doesn’t happen too often in Devon, buds don’t usually sprout on exotic Mexicans in January either!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

There are very few opportunities for capturing anything vibrant in a Devon January, but I did have a day off today and a trip to Sidmouth. This pretty window attracted my attention, perhaps a dainty kind of vibrant.


On an autumn day out I spotted this on a building in Torbay.


These colourful windows were inside Castle Drogo, a National Trust property in Drewsteignton on the edge of Dartmoor.


I can’t miss flowers out when vibrant is the challenge can I? So here are two photos from Tavira, Portugal in September.




and Lantana!

Are you joining the challenge this week? If you’re in the tropics or Australia, it should be easier to go and find something vibrant this weekend, have fun what ever you do!