is a state of mind.

Inner child work is not something I need, I’m in constant touch with my inner child!

IMG_2672_edited-1Any excuse to scramble around in a Soft Play and I’m there. Of course, every time I do, I hurt my hip in the same spot, from going down the slides, and I suffer for a couple of days, but I still go back for more. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if they came in adult sizes?



Reluctant William

New Years Day at Blackbury Camp and dens need building, according to Louisa anyway.

William thinks otherwise
William thinks otherwise
Can't you see I'm wearing my crocodile gloves and that's far more important!
Can’t you see I’m wearing my crocodile gloves and that’s far more important!
Okay, I'll just bring you  one stick
Okay, I’ll just bring you one stick
No I'm not going to be in your den photo.
No I’m not going to be in your den photo.
Brothers, honestly!
Brothers, honestly!

A Very Creative 6 Year Old


Yesterday my Granddaughter came over to spend some time making some art with me – there’s a lot of art and craft materials in my house! I had a few plans and ideas in mind before she came, so to save time I cut out some paper circles and triangles.

She chose some paint colours to work with and started mixing!


We made some pompoms the old fashioned way with two cardboard circles and some wool, to which she then added some more circles that she had drawn on – Olaf included!

Next, we moved onto a bigger project, abstract circles with pretty paper and glittery pens.
In between we baked cookies – not the best ever but we managed to put ourselves outside of some all the same, followed by lunch and the best piece of all.
Again, I was mainly the labourer here, cutting out, pouring glue and washing paint pots. It was well worth it though, she was so very proud of her creations, and so were her mum and dad when she took them home. Thanks for a lovely day Louisa!

Summer Lovin’

Yesterday was Scarlett, my granddaughter’s first birthday.She had a lovely party with lots of family and friends the day before, all very exciting! I was very lucky to be able to stay for the actual day and after a morning opening presents we had a seaside stroll.

Scarlett tries out her new Smart Trike
Scarlett tries out her new Smart Trike

Ice cream was spread around nicely

Look at my ice cream beard.
Look at my ice cream beard.

Then back home for some rainbow birthday cake.

Yummy thanks mummy!
Yummy thanks mummy!

A year ago I announced Scarlett’s arrival for a photo challenge,

This post is also for a challenge, ‘Summer Lovin’



An Officer and a Gentleman

Britannia Royal Naval College, the initial officer training establishment of the Royal Navy, sits high on a hill overlooking Dartmouth in England. Royal Naval officer training has taken place in Dartmouth since 1863, but the buildings we see today were only finished in 1905, previous students lived in two wooden hulks moored in the River Dart. The foundation stone for the current building was laid down by King Edward V11 in March 1902. Sir Aston Webb designed the shore-based college at Dartmouth, which was built by Higgs and Hill and practically completed in 1905. The first term of cadets entered at the R.N. College Osborne were transferred to Dartmouth in September 1905.

King George V and King George V1 were naval cadets at Dartmouth, as were the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York. It is said that the Duke of Edinburgh met the then Princess Elizabeth at Dartmouth. Prince William spent a brief period at the College after leaving Sandhurst as part of his training with all three of Britain’s Armed Forces. Sheikh Mubarak Ali Yousuf Suoud Al-Sabah, a member of the Royal Family of Kuwait, attended the Royal Navy Young Officer Course at Britannia Royal Naval College in 2002.

BRNC is widely considered one of the most prestigious officer training establishments in the world, their website says that they are

Delivering learning that is inspiring, challenging and relevant to meet Fleet operational capability. It has been at the forefront of the education and development of world-class Naval Officers in Dartmouth since 1863.

Fourteen years ago my son joined the Navy and since then he has risen the ranks as a submariner to Chief Petty Officer. On Thursday I went to see him ‘Pass out’ as Sub-Lieutenant at Dartmouth. A very proud day as you can imagine. Here is a slide show of the day.

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