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A Crafty Day

It began with a walk on the beach at Beer, and a photo

or two.
Followed by an edit using Pixlr Express, to make a collage.
Which appeared on my blog and then sat in a dusty computer folder for months.
Then I felt a need and found some paper
I cropped and printed the collage and stuck it to some card, the size of a shorthand notebook
front cover
I ironed on some plastic coating. It would have been easier if I’d done that before, but hey, sometimes you have to learn the hard way!
With a little help from a friend with way more skill and experience than I have, thank you Lindy, I stitched it all together with Coptic stitch.
coptic stitch
So now I have a new notebook that’s very light, created to my own specifications, that no one else has.

Release Your Inner Artist

Lucid Gypsy:

Whatever form your creativity takes – and yes that means YOUR creativity, this is an inspiring read.

Originally posted on Tish Farrell:


We are each of us born brimming with potential, creators in the making. But then something happens – at least for most of us it does. Somewhere between the childhood dreaming, and the adolescent wake-up call we make a decision. For each of us this will be the result of particular, often very painful circumstances, but the outcome will be the same. From that point on we will tell ourselves we are not goodenough, and what we do is not good enough and that even if we toil until the crack of doom, it never will be good enough. We give up. Surrender, often before we have given ourselves half a chance. Somehow – through repeated expressions of contempt, denigration, ridicule, bemusement from peers and elders – we learn that it is dangerous to be too extraordinary, and that if we persist in following our dream we will…

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40 words of love

Jacqueline at has passed on a challenge called ‘spread the love’ which apparently began on Valentines Day. The idea is that you write ten sentences, each with just four words, about love. She quotes some of the clichés that have become part of our world through pop culture, ‘All you need is love’, ‘Love is in the air’ etc, and I have to agree with her that four word sentences are difficult to come up with. Here are mine.

Love an open heart

Love given out returns

The souls key? Love

A true love endures

Love removes all barriers

Don’t limit your love

Wrapped up in love

Ready? Feel the love

Dancing stars of love

Mind full, mindful love

The other part of the challenge is much easier, except what to choose? We have to post a poem or favourite quote about love, and I’ve chosen one from Rabindranath Tagore. As a mother and mma it sits well with me.

Children are living beings – more living than grown-up people who have built shells of habit around themselves. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for their mental health and development that they should not have mere schools for their lessons, but a world whose guiding spirit is personal love

Like Jacqueline, I’m not going to nominate anyone to take the challenge but if you want to know how visit Meg who started it all!

How to Spot a Feminist

Lucid Gypsy:

Made me smile, made me think!

Originally posted on idealisticrebel:


How To Spot A Feminist

Two fun-loving hijabi women ask the big questions.
by Adam Grannick for the Moral Courage Project“If someone is dressed a certain way, they are representing to the world that they adhere to a certain set of beliefs.” Comedians and actors Radhika Vaz and Nadia Manzoor are shattering this assumption with their new video, How To Spot A Feminist.Manzoor and Vaz play two hijabi women, Shugufta and Fatima (Shugs and Fats), who are struggling to make hipster Brooklyn their home. Vaz and Manzoor, who are both sketch comedians and writers, decided to launch Shugs and Fats as a web series together. “We had amazing creative chemistry and we had to work together,” they said. “We felt doing it with our clothes on was the best way.”They venture into new territory in this short video, produced in collaboration with Moral Courage TV, where they’re “looking…

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Let’s Get Together and Be All Right

Lucid Gypsy:

‘Open your heart and keep it open’ Words of wisdom from Barbara.

Originally posted on idealisticrebel:


I believe this song is familiar to at least half of us. I love to listen to it while having a bad day. We, the citizens of the world have had a bad week. Mass murders in Nairobi and in Paris. More people were killed in Nairobi and my heart cries for them and their families. May they all RIP and may their families find comfort and freedom.

In Paris, we also had murders. We had a crazy horrible breach of Charlie Hebdo offices and twelve people were dead. Both events left the world shaken and stunned. This is the bad part, the painful part.

The good part is the love shared by the people around all of the victims. It is the love we, the rest of the people in the world feel for all those effected. The good part is also people drawing together to support each other.

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