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A Bench for July

Jude’s bench challenge this month is ‘unusual detail’. I’ve had each month’s topic in mind when I’ve been out and about this year and I found this one in early April. It was up a little alley in Glastonbury, opposite a shop, and to be honest I wouldn’t choose to sit there when there are so many cafes and places to people watch in that colourful town.
That’s another post I must get round to – some pics of the streets in Glastonbury, its a hippy dippy place even when it isn’t festival time.
If you have a bench with unusual detail, maybe you would like to join Jude’s challenge?

Weekly Photo Challenge : Door

Cheri at the Daily Post says,

A door is an everyday thing, yet is often a symbol — of a beginning, a journey forward or inward, a mark of one’s home, or even a step into the unknown.

I love photographing doors and I fell for this decaying beauty at St Ives last weekend, I must have known I’d need it!

”I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.”
― Elizabeth Taylor

A Sheltered Gothic Bench

Edit a bench photo  for my challenge Jude says, give it an art effect! Well it seems I’ve forgotten all the tricks I used to know. Using android has made me lazy and I can’t find anything in Photoshop. This is what I came up with, but that was yesterday and now I have no idea how.

The Gothic Bench at Uppark
The Gothic Bench at Uppark

Uppark is a National Trust property perched high on the beautiful South Downs ridge. My photo is of the Gothic bench, that had a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Most memorable for me at Uppark, was being told off for daring to turn a few feet aside to look at a painting,  when the guide wanted to frogmarch everyone ahead!