Weekly Photo Challenge, Admiration

This weeks photo challenge has the theme of admiration, I have a tremendous admiration for those creative people centuries ago, who left us a legacy of treasure, in the UK and worldwide.

This sea chest has sailed the high seas, filled with wonders.

18c tureen
I can’t help wondering about the delicious meals that have been served from this tureen.

The embroidery around this four poster bed has graced the bed chamber for centuries, no daylight lamps or computerised sewing machines, just small hands and candlelight to work with. Click the link above to share whatever fills you with admiration!

May, wild flowers

May 1st, and time for a new garden challenge them from Jude. This month its wild flowers, this is what she says.

‘This month i want to see wild flowers found in the hedgerows, woodlands, farmland, meadows, by the coast, up a mountain, on a heath and even in your own garden. Basically plants that haven’t been planted, but occur naturally, although specifically planted wild flower meadows can be included. Wild flowers provide food for humans and wildlife and are usually hardy, resilient and well adapted to the climate and soils, and yes, sadly often referred to as weeds.’

So my first entry is this sea thrift, it’s one of my favourites, I love how it thrives on virtually no soil, clinging tenaciously to rocks, its deceptively delicate flowers reaching for the sun.


If you’d like to join in this month, visit Jude’s garden challenge page to find out how.

Rhapsody in black and white

Paula’s Black and White Sunday theme this week is ‘Rhapsody’, this is what she says about the meaning,

Defined primarily as an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation, then as an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm or an unusually intense or irregular poem/ piece of prose, rhapsody is also archaically known as a miscellaneous collection; jumble. 

And this is my interpretation.

nice ladies (2)

Up Close on spring buds

I noticed these buds in the health centre’s garden this morning and had my little point and shoot with me. They were low enough to shelter from the breeze, so worth trying a close up. Judging from the one that’s about to unfold, I’d say it could be sycamore, does anyone know?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would love to be able to take real macros with a powerful lens, but I can still have fun even with my phone. This is my last post for Jude’s April garden challenge, with the theme of macro or close up, and I’ve really enjoyed it.
If you’re quick, you can still join in, visit Jude here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Ben Huberman asks us to ‘turn the concrete and familiar into something new and mysterious’. That could mean to capture an image from an unusual perspective, looking for strange shapes or textures or maybe an edit that changes an image completely.

Is it obvious what this is a photo of, I don’t think so.


But perhaps this is clearer?

Okay, just in case you can’t tell what it is yet!


Do you have any abstract images to share? Join in with Ben’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Traces of the past

Paula is asking for images with traces of the past for her Thursday Special this week.

Troy Odeon

This is the Odeion at Troy in north west Anatolia, Turkey, it dates back to the Roman Troy 1X and was renovated in 124 AD, by Hadrian. I wonder if that was before or after he built the wall in the north of England, what a busy man. The Odeion has a semi-circular orchestra, surrounded by a wall of lime stone slabs, above which rise tiers of limestone seats, divided by aisles, into wedge shaped sections. Can you imagine the performances that took place there?  I’m sure you can still hear the echoes on a hot, still day. . .

Thanks Paula, I could do lots of posts for this theme.


The One That Didn’t Get Away

Lisa Dorenfest is Paula’s guest challenger this week for Black and White Sunday. The theme is ‘One’. Last year in Portugal I tried to get a sneaky shot of this guy with his one fish. I thought I might get shouted at, but far from it, he was delighted to be photographed, and very proud of his catch.

One a

Check out Lisa’s jogging angel here, and Paula’s here.

April, close up in the garden

This month Jude wants to see macros or close ups of anything you’d find in the garden, for her monthly Garden Challenge. I can’t remember what was going on here, if this is one bug or two, so if you have any ideas, please let me know. I’m hoping that Sonel may have the answer, some kind of mantis perhaps?


This image is from the Bird park in the 20 acre KL lake gardens, which reputedly has one of the largest free flight walk in aviarys in the world.