The Daily Post, Landscape

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting. A simple theme you would think, but I don’t really do landscapes, I never feel that my lens is up to it. My entry is actually a phone shot, so doesn’t bear zooming in, but it’s quite pleasing nevertheless.

avon b and wYou can join in here, and see lots of really wonderful shots.

Perhaps mine is better in colour?


7-Day Nature Photo, day two

My lovely blogging friend Amy has challenged me to join the 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge, begun by Ulli, and it’s right up my street.
The two branches of the river Teign rise on Dartmoor and meet at Chagford, flowing southeast to Teignmouth where it joins the English Channel. It’s a very pretty river, and at castle Drogo it runs through a steep valley. I took this photo down in that valley, half way from Drogo to Fingle Bridge, a beautiful spot.

fingle bridge

A well as posting nature photo each day for a week, I have to challenge a friend to join in. Today I’m choosing Meg, who’s spending a year in Warsaw, and enjoying a northern hemisphere spring. She has a very good eye and I loved her calligraphy branches today. No worries if you ‘re too busy Meg!

A Mundane Monday Reveal

For those of you who were concerned or confused about my wellbeing or sanity today, I thought I’d show you where my Mundane Monday photo was taken. 13

You may remember this photo from when I took you for a walk around the lake at Stourhead, this is the view through the rocky surrounds of the grotto.
Inside, if you look up, you’ll see this morning’s image.
If you look down you’ll see this.
And once outside in the grey autumn light,
Look at the left side of this photo, can you see the spokes on the outside of the grotto’s roof? No wells, rabbit holes or manholes anywhere to be seen, just another folly!

A City Stroll at Christmas

Exeter has gone to town on the Christmas lights, they look really pretty, so as two of the G-babies are staying we popped down to see them late yesterday afternoon.

We started near Bedford Square.


I knew there was a surprise for the children,

city3polar bears

The polar bears even let you share their space for a photo.


I had to make a quick stop at Carlucchio’s, just along here,


then we walked up the path beside the Roman wall , where every year local charities put up Christmas trees, stretching for about a hundred metres.


Around the corner at the top finds us at the end of the shopping centre, I love the lights projected on the wall.

I walked you down the mall a couple of weeks ago. So this time we went towards High Street past St Stephens.

And a last view of Waterbeer Street before we took the tired girls home!

I haven’t caught up with Jo since she returned form the sun, so I’m not sure if she’s walking this week.

On the Cob


“It is only when our characters and events begin to disobey us that they begin to live.” John Fowles.

It was a cold, grey, October morning in Lyme Regis harbour,


but the dogs and I strolled along anyway.


They weren’t too sure about these wobbly steps


but we enjoyed the hazy view from the top


This is the famous Cob at Lyme Regis, as seen in the movie The French Lieutenant’s Woman,  from the book by John Fowles. I’ve been up there in much worse weather and it isn’t for the faint hearted, I definitely wouldn’t want a long heavy cloak swirling around my ankles in the wind as Meryl Streep did!

Jackie at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales invited me to join in a share of three favourite quotes. This is one of the ones I had over my desk, to inspire me, when I was studying creative writing.

I’m not going to ask anyone to take part, just anyone who wants to!