Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Josh at the Daily Post asks that we show a picture of ‘Inside’ for this weeks challenge. I’m a bit technologically challenged today because my PC is dying and my new laptop isn’t set up yet – wish me luck with that please!

I’ve found something to post though!


Inside a Cappadochian cave.


The rope I held to scramble into a cave formed by volcanic eruptions on Mount Etna, Sicily.


Our guide deep inside the cave.


Inside Gomantong caves Borneo.

To join in visit http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/weekly-photo-challenge-inside-2/

Travel Theme: Sky

Ailsa has the most amazing photo on her site as part of her Sky theme. The one of Bonneville Salt Flats, have a look, I’m sure you’ll like it too. While you’re there, think about joining her challenge this week, everyone has good sky photos!


This is a local one taken on Dartmoor a few years ago.

Borneo sky

The sun going down over Tunku Abdul Raman Park –  the islands off of Kota Kinabalu.

Alpine sky

Looking through the sky down to the Alps somewhere over northern Italy.

Sky with a hole

This one is on Borneo, I think the cloud is ascending through a hole in the sky.

To join in visit Ailsa, http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/11/29/travel-theme-sky/

More Orang Utans

I just wanted to highlight Isobel’s post that I re-blogged this morning, it’s something that I feel passionate about so if you could just take a look at these beautiful creatures and go over to sign on the link from earlier it would be wonderful. http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/save-the-orangutans/

We like it here, but it would be better if there was enough food and nice trees deep in the forest.


Here is our forest

My cousin is hiding up there, he has darker fur than I do because he chooses all his own food!


This is a friend

Will you help to make sure that the baby grows up to have babies too?


Can you see all those rows of trees? They are taking over our habitat and we need help so that we can survive.


With credit to Ross and Lori Hall and Lindy Campbell who took some of these photos while I was too ill to hold my camera!

Travel Theme: Animals


Ailsa has chosen Animals to mark World Animal Day on Thursday, 2 days ago. I was very privileged  to be able to visit Sepilok, Borneo to see the orang-utans, really high on my ‘do before I die’ list. I hope you like this beauty! 

Travel Theme: Silhouette

I love silhouettes but don’t really have a true one. This is as close as I can get. A picture of my friends taken in Kota Kinabalu looking towards Tunku Abdul Rahman Park islands.

There will be more to see over at Ailsa’s place, http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/08/24/silhouette/ her own are superb.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The weeks photo challenge is what I like to do most of all – journey! A journey for me is to be as far away from my normal world as possible, not necessarily in distance, but  in culture, landscape, climate and  experience. So the photo I have chosen was taken in Borneo, the greatest distance I have travelled, so far, and as this is in rain forest it’s really different from temperate England. This is the Kinabatanga river in Sabah.

Poisonous green snakes nestled in the trees and wild orang utans and proboscis monkeys were up there too. If you check out a post from last year you will be able to read more about this particular journey. https://lucidgypsy.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/nests-of-primates/

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Mine would make a very dull photo so here is someone else’s! Taken at Sepilok, if you would like to learn more take a peep at my earlier post


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