Lazy Poets Thursday Haiku

Erigeron delights

Delicate bounty
tenaciously full of cheer
beauties of the rock


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Flowers, haiku


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  1. These Erigeron are certainly delightful, Gilly. :) Love the haiku.

  2. wonderful description in “beauties of the rock.” ☺ They certainly are floriferous!!

  3. Stunning picture. Gorgeous Haiku. Awesome putting the two together. :-)

  4. What a lovely place to sit for awhile … pondering a haiku, eating a sandwich, ambling. Thanks for sharing this photo — it makes my shoulders relax.

  5. wonderful words -a nd nice photo! :) <3

  6. Beautiful. I love your haiku writings.

  7. I love this haiku. Gilly, I like for you to teach me how to understand and write a haiku. ;)

  8. So pretty! Almost like a painting.

  9. I also like the beauty of the rock – but all the words were so nice with the photo— perfect. :) <3

  10. Didn’t know they were called Erigeron! Perfect Haiku as always Gilly.

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