Room, to roam

Today I’ve had the most lovely day out with my very dear blogging sister Christine, of Dadirri Dreaming, as well as her husband S, who coped well with a crazy Devon Gypsy driving them up the narrow lanes. If you have been following Christine you’ll know that she has been travelling around southern Spain for a few days, quite a bit warmer than here but it stayed dry for us and I’m thrilled to bits that she came all this way!
I took them to one of my favourite places on Dartmoor, Scorhill. We went inside the shelter of the stone circle, plenty of room there and with a view.



Next we went on over the hill and far away where these ladies had plenty of room to roam.


This post is for the Weekly Photo Challenge . . . Room! As always , click for a bigger view.


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  1. Great skies.
    Is “driving them up the narrow lanes” a country version of driving someone round the bend?:)

  2. Best place to be to roam. Lovely.

  3. sorry, not driven around the bend Isobel … just totally delighted with the wild Devon landscape and our generous and energetic guide!

  4. Very inviting! I want to go explore.😉

  5. Lots of room out there, on the moor. :)

  6. Great choice. What a room with a v.i.e.w.😀😀😀

  7. Now that’s a great room Gilly, I love all that wide open space:-)

  8. What a lovely view, Gilly!


  9. How lovely for you to meet up:)

  10. How lovely to meet up with Christine!:) Driving on those narrow lanes can be quite hair-raising, but we survived. Your pic reminded me of our wonderful week in Cornwall last summer. Beautiful.

  11. Bewitching landscape, room with a view, space to breath, lovely.

  12. Happy for Christine and you! Can’t wait to check out your driving and guiding skills myself:-)

  13. It’s always wonderful to meet with blogger friends. I simply can’t describe that feeling!:-)

  14. WOW! Love the pictures. Your visitors are a lucky pair to have you and Dartmoor.

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