A Reflection for Bastet

After playing with reflected selfies at Bristol Museum last week I found a much nicer reflection.


This is an large artwork that I really liked – didn’t I get lucky to notice that it was reflected?

Bastet has chosen reflections for the Pixelventures challenge this week, go see at


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  1. I don’t think I’d want to meet a bird big enough to pick up a whole car with one talon.

  2. Lucky indeed! This is beautiful! Thanks for submitting it!

  3. How unusual and eye-catching. :-)

  4. The artwork is quite reflective, indeed.
    A very interesting work of art … and photograph.

  5. Stunning artwork and shot Gilly! :D

  6. Fantastic image and reflections, Gilly. It’s a bit scary though. 8O

  7. this could be a frightening piece of art, depending on one’s nerves! you captured it quite nicely in the mirrors. thanks for visiting me.

  8. Excellent, genius shot! It does look like it’s about to attack.

  9. I love how I see a little more every time I look at the artwork.

  10. Great catch! How many hours did you and your friends spend in front of those bronze plaques exactly? :-)

  11. that is so cool Gilly

  12. This is really nice and original!!

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