Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

If I had my choice I would only have one season – summer, like Cat Bird in Oman has! Having said that, it’s December and we have only had two or three frosts so far. Cheri Lucas at The Daily Post has asked us to share a picture that means changing season to us, but I couldn’t think how so I’m posting all four seasons.


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  1. Both of your images are really sharp. Love the colors in the landscape.

  2. Ah – four pics! That’s how to do it! I found it a tricky one this week! My favourite is autumn. Wonderful colours!

  3. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t like it when it is cold and damp…. and that definitely includes snow :(

  4. Gorgeous photos, Gilly. You nailed it!

  5. ye a super selection, but since we dont have snow i love the snow on the gate best … so very interesting!

  6. The crocus and e changing leaves definitely show seasons changing.

  7. I love the snow picture – it’s geometric patterns – and the colours in the last – so beautiful

  8. its, not it’s – darn autocorrect feature!! :)

  9. Such lovely images, Gilly!

  10. every image is perfect Gilly

  11. What a great gallery! The autumn picture is my favorite!

  12. Ahh, summer, but the fall picture I LOVE best.

  13. a wonderful seasons tableau, Gilly!

  14. Already been said, but here it is once again: gorgeous shots!!!! :-)

  15. Gilly these are all gorgeous — as your photos ALWAYS are, but what is so interesting to me is that the moment I saw the snow picture, I thought, “what wonderful smiley faces!” Have you noticed that — especially the top row — looks just like two smiley faces with thick eyebrows? If you don’t mind, I’d like to re-post that particular picture on my Christmas blog — giving you credit, of course. Let me know. And if, for any reason, you’d rather I didn’t that’s fine.

  16. Very pretty – though it makes me sad to see the WordPress snowflakes drifting across spring and summer! ;)

  17. Really great photos! Love the snow on the iron…

  18. I love the colors and places you shared… So much we see and paint is made magnificent by nature… Ah, it is poetic. :-)

  19. Perfect … Perfect … Perfect … you have captured them all. With summer being the only season here, I enjoyed viewing the snow in your photo.

  20. Such a beautiful gallery … AND excellent interpretation of this week’s theme, Gilly!

  21. The magic of the seasons perfectly displayed in these images.

  22. Outstanding! I agree … perfection all over your selection, Gilly. Very well done.

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