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Oh Ailsa I love hot! This is the hottest place I’ve been 44 degrees – or at least the hottest place where I had a thermometer. It’s an abandoned village in the Thar desert, Rajasthan and I’ve written about it here I hope you’ll pop back to see, because I didn’t have so many followers then! To see some more hot shots visit Wheres my backpack


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  1. Eattravelphotograph December 1, 2012 — 10:46 am

    Nothing hotter than the desert, am going to check your previous post, am curious to find out about your experience there!

    Anyway on a different note I’ve nominated you for the Mrs Sparkly ten commandments award, hope u’ll accept it!

  2. What interesting architecture, especially the third picture – does anyone know if that was a special building of some sort?

    I don’t suppose they abandoned the village because it was just TOO hot, did they?

  3. Gilly, you and I have been in some hot places! I have seen so many villages like this all over Oman. Great photos! :-)

  4. Not with my hot flashes coming and going, Gilly. Maybe when they’re all fizzled out, I’ll venture towards hot again.

  5. Somewhat hotter than mine, lol, and a great deal hotter than today…….

  6. This looks very hot and arid too. One wonders how people manage to live in such places.

  7. That is hot. Makes me realize how lucky we are to have the comforts of airconditioning.

  8. It looks deceptively calm and mild. ;-)

  9. MMmmmm … it looks very HOT …. I think the dry arid-ness gives it away. hahaha
    Great photos, Gilly.

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