Travel Theme: Spooky

My city is very old – two thousand years, and naturally has its share of ghost stories. So far, I haven’t managed any photos that spooky, so I’ve gone with the witches instead!

This is what happened

This is where it happened

Perhaps this is who it happened to!

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  1. Is the place supposed to be haunted? Counting my blessings I wasn’t born then :-)

  2. Well Madhu in the photo you can see a part of the 1000 year old castle on the left and on th right through the gate is the 18th century court house. Both are set within the remains of the 2000 year old Roman walls. If you believe in ghosts there will be plenty there ;-)
    Yes, if I’d been around I expect I would have gone to the ducking stool!

  3. Spooky if they are roaming around now.


  4. These are really very spooky. Gilly. How horrid that these poor unfortunate women were hanged because of people’s ignorance.

  5. Great photos – I think I may have something in my garden that belongs to your “witches”! Come visit…

  6. Halloween – fun and scarey. Love them all but the witches are hilarious – as opposed to scarey.

  7. Oh wow, Gilly, this post reminded me of the movie The Crucible. Strange to think that all these happened only a few years back. Reality can be far stranger than fiction at times.

  8. Loving the history here, Gilly…!

  9. I’m always relieved to be living in this century and not there way back when. There was too much fear and ignorance in those days. Such a waste of valuable lives.

  10. it is neat that we can look at some history where we all agree that the true bad guys were the witch burners as at the time they had thought they were the good guys

  11. I think so many of us would be tried as witches and warlocks today.

  12. What a strange thing the dunking stool was…it’s where I would have ended up. The name of the place is sort of fitting in a way…it carries the burden of their deaths forever.

    • I’d be right there with and if we survived no doubt we would have been burnt at the stake. Heavitree is where I live and it’s named because the gallows was a tree with a heavy burden. Even now you still ask for ‘the gallows’ if you catch a bus there!

  13. That is spooky yet hard to resist. I’m a supernatural fan. Anything that is unusual gets my attention. Of course I am braver when I am with someone when it comes to scary things.

  14. That’s a lot of years, and a lot of spooky stories to accumulate!

  15. So much history…I love it!

  16. Deborah - d.mooncrab October 31, 2012 — 3:26 am

    The setting in the picture is definitely spooky ready, :-). Nice!!

  17. I don’t like scary very much… Glad Halloween is over. ;-)

  18. I think unearth this is very great and grand of you. You’ve done a good job, Gilly. :-)

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