Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This weeks photo challenge over at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/weekly-photo-challenge-dreaming/ is dreaming. They suggest a shot with an other worldly sense of escapism created with a long exposure. Mine was only a one second exposure but taken later than the hour before sunset that they suggested, and I have de-saturated it a bit because the street furniture is actually brightly coloured at night. I hope it has an ethereal effect with its ghostly shadows. 


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  1. How beautiful, Gilly! Perfect for the theme!

  2. You did well. Love it, Gilly.

  3. Is it a dream? Or is it reality…

  4. Nice photograph Gilly. I like it.

  5. Great job. The things are impressive.

  6. Great colors! Well done.

  7. Now I want to go shopping. The jewels outside look like jazzy seats for the weary shopper maybe?

  8. definitely perfect! my kind of dream, too…..nothing quite like a good shopping street!!!

  9. i love the way the dreamy feet got into the image like it did…mystical energy…

  10. This is the kind of image deviation I love! Great effect, Gilly.
    I see dead people. :D

  11. More later… beautiful post.

  12. It does look very otherworldly. I like it!

  13. Dreamy and magical. The glowing rocks looks like precious, giant stones.

  14. Very cool – love the selective color technique!

  15. Very surreal Gilly! Cleverly done, love it.

  16. This is super, Gilly. You pop these images out and always wonder whether or not they fit in. They are always right on target. The women walking away in the distance have a dream shadowy feel to them. The colors in front seem unexpected; yet, they need to be there. This is outstanding. I absolutely love it. Great job …

  17. Very cool – although it reminds me of Kryptonite!!! :-)

  18. perfectly dreamy and surreal!

  19. Your photos are always so beautiful. As someone who doesn’t travel much, they take me to places I will never see-thanks! beebee

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