Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

A really difficult challenge this week. I get bored with those photos of waterfalls ‘stopped’ to white water and I’m not into sport, so for now this is the best I can come up with. But I may be back. Meanwhile a mini maelstrom of koi.

Join in over here, http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/weekly-photo-challenge-movement/


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  1. Very interesting photo, Gilly.

  2. @Gilly, this “movement” is very cool :D

  3. Great catch Gilly!

  4. Interesting to see your koi photo…I was talking to someone about 2 hours ago — about weekend plans — and a project involving the construction of a second pond for their 50 (!) koi fish! Feeding time creates a maelstrom, indeed!

  5. Very ingenious interpretation of movement. Love koi. :)

  6. they almost make the water ‘boil’ don’t they? Good shot!

  7. I think this is brilliant Gilly! Great shot.

  8. I’m liking your ‘outside the box’ approach, Gilly ~ although the fish look very intent on feeding and a little bit scary, it’s a great photo :)

  9. A metaphor for “”we’re all in it together”.

  10. So much movement here….perfection!

  11. Nice capture – you can really feel the churning movement!

  12. Looks like the spillway at Pymatuning Reservoir in Ohio. People feed the carp bread and the fish are so thick the ducks can walk on them.

  13. What a wonderful shot! The fish in the lower right is amazing, breaking the surface with its mouth open.

    BTW Gilly, you influenced me – I was just about to post a picture of Niagara Falls when I read your post and decided it was time for something entirely different. Though still involving water.

  14. love it Gilly…I was wondering what you would do for this challenge

  15. Great photo – love it, Gilly. As always, very different and somethng not often see.
    Good one ….!!!!

  16. gingerbreadcafe July 8, 2012 — 9:46 pm

    This is such a great picture

  17. Your koi fish were quite active. ;-)

  18. A great ‘fishy’ post!

  19. Nice interpretation, generally Koi freak me out, there are some huge ones near where I live, think its their giant mouths and constantly searching for food

  20. Great photo.. I like it.. :)

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