Sunday Post: Nature

Jakes theme for the Sunday post this week is nature so it’s bound to inspire some great photos and writing. Why not take a look and maybe join in?

Here is my entry, twins bees.

The monster triffid plant can also be seen over on


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  1. That reminds me, there will be a new challenge for the new month ver on the Scroobiouspip’s page.

  2. WoW! Those twin bees look amazing. ;-)

  3. a quirky subject, thanks for discombobulating us! good to have to look and think!

  4. Stunning macro shot for this week theme, Nice post Gilly :)

  5. Lovely shots!

  6. Stunning shot Gilly! Great entry. :)

  7. Bees are such an important part of nature – even though they are so small.

  8. Awesome macro shots Gilly. Great job!!

  9. I like to be seeing a lot more honey bees. It’s amazing that for their size, their job in balancing nature is so huge. These are wonderful shots Gilly.

  10. Gorgeous (and kinda cute, if you ask me! :))

  11. Northern Narratives April 1, 2012 — 5:56 pm

    Wow, great photos.

  12. These are fabulous Gilly – I love that you got them together…such great shots !!!

  13. Great picture. Thanks for sharing. It is almost as if they stopped to pose for your camera.

  14. Love the bees…at least in the photo!!!!
    Great work…it’s not easy to sneak up on them. :)

  15. I shall call the twins, Frick and Frack!

  16. These are wonderful photos, I love photos of bees and insects.. great captures.

  17. I don’t know, Gilly. Bees can be ornery sometimes. Best to leave them be!

  18. Wow…great job getting them together!

  19. I’m amused by the twins bees!

  20. Beautiful capture, Gilly! I love taking bee shots too. ;-)

  21. Sooooo CUTE! I wish you HAD gotten the picture of the triplets. That would have been amazing.

  22. These pix’s are GREAT. I love the contrast of the dark bees against
    the beautifully green and mauve leaves. Delicate against strong …
    WOW – fabulous.

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