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Killerton Spring

The weather forecast got it wrong this morning, so I walked the dogs and then took my camera to Killerton to make the most of the unexpected sunshine. I’ve taken you before, for the Christmas decorations and a fashion exhibition, but this time I wanted to see how the grounds were looking in their spring costumes.

The Magnolia blossom was spectacular

Everywhere you look, flowers both woodland and cultivated

Shrubs and assorted loveliness!

Killerton is a National Trust property a few miles east of Exeter, I hope you enjoyed your spring walk.

Lazy Poets Thursday Poem


Fickle Gold

You may wonder why you’re carried

 to a distant tropical shore

by fragrance like sweet coconut

rising golden over moors

from January til December

turn a woodland path

 and you’ll know its kissing season

as you’re sure to see some gorse

but be careful where you romance

because if you are untrue

her flowers hide a secret

the most capricious thorns

Just Because . . .

Just because it’s been a long Monday at work

because it’s no longer January

because in twenty four days it will be March

because I’m not walking to and from work in the dark

because the days are getting longer

and that means spring

and that means summer

and that means the colour, form  and fragrance

of flowers and butterflies

bees and damselflies

and sunshine

because of all these things

I’m bringing you . . .

Pictures from a few years ago taken at a popular TV gardeners home plot, deep in the heart of Devon. I expect it’s changed since then, but it will still be lovely, relaxed and packed with variety. The clue is in the initials, if you visit she may even be there pottering.

Click for a bigger view.


Travel Theme: Delicate

Ailsa wants us to show some delicate images this week. Today I went to the National Trust Estate at Killerton and there was a surprising number of flowers to see for November. What struck me most of all were the seed heads, they look so delicate don’t they?
Of course the truth is they are little power houses. Light as air, brittle, dry, usually dull brown colours, but each one unique. They have perfect timing, just at the very best moment they will catch a breeze or a raindrop and then fall. Next years potential flowers will work their way into the soil and lie dormant until conditions are right and then the brown will send forth fresh green growth.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

This weeks challenge is well timed for me. I’ve been trying to record an Agapanthus from bud to bloom for the last couple of weeks. Some of the photos are taken quite late in the evening, some earlier and todays just now at 5.30. There have been days with gloomy weather, some with sun and some rainy so the image quality varies quite a bit. Also getting in the right position has been amusing  today, I had to go from the opposite direction to see the most open parts of the flower and got tangled in the shrubbery!

So the foreshadow,


Some places along the way.

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and today the finale.


How will you interpret this weeks challenge?