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100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week # 127

Because we put our clocks forward last weekend Julia’s prompt is ‘time marches on’. Here is my entry.


Past Times

She slithered under the metal bedstead. The object of her desire waited in the dark, dusty space in all its splendour. It had a picture of a dog, and a large winding tube, like a Sally Army trumpet, that she could fit her head into. What could it be she wondered?

‘Get out of there now you naughty girl, I told you not to touch that.’ Surprised, she banged her head on the diamond shaped mesh under the mattress.

That was sixty years ago, now she could plug a tiny gadget into her ears and listen to a thousand different songs. Time marches on.


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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 126


Julia says, ‘The prompt this week is:


You can take it anywhere you like but only use 100 words.’
Here are mine.

Meeting Uzo

The familiar smell of coach station enveloped me and I pressed my nose against the window hoping to see another self. Nothing. The little belly flutters shifted up a notch, more like a train in a tunnel now. I realised I had to move from my seat, I was last.

There were many black faces in Birmingham coach station, but one stood out.

‘Sis,’ said the big black bear as he wrapped me up. I felt shy as I raised my eyes to meet his, but there was the mirror I’d waited so long for, in the eyes of my newly found brother.


The Crescent Moon Bear Says No

Julia’s 100  word challenge this week is to take a fairy story and re-write the ending.  I’ve chosen a Japanese folk tale that I love,

The Crescent Moon Bear

‘But the wise woman told me to bring a hair from your throat,’ said Harumi, shaking with fear.

‘She always does,’ the Crescent Moon Bear roared, ‘now clear off.’

‘My husband will die, he’s been fighting wars for years and he’s . . .

‘Traumatised, yes, I’ve heard it a thousand times.’

‘So you’ll help, please? I’ve brought food.’

‘Look, plucking my hair hurts, I know you’ve been through hell to get here, it’s a test. Just be patient and loving. Eventually your husband will get better. GO!’ he shouted so loud that Harumi jumped, ‘leave my food behind, or I’ll eat you.’


In the original, the bear gives the woman a hair from the crescent moon on his throat. When she arrives back down the mountain the wise woman throws it away and tells her to be patient with her husband.

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 122

100wcgu-7Julia said ‘the blackness just enveloped me’, and the challenge requires another 100 words, here are mine.

Gomantong Caves

‘We’ll turn the lights off just for one minute’ the guide said. I was scared of the dark, but I’d be okay wouldn’t I? Mark was here. A flick of a switch and the darkness just enveloped me. Every sound was amplified. I tried to reach Mark’s hand, but instead felt something scuttling on the handrail. The single cockroach I’d seen became a thousand in my imagination, and the sweet, sleeping bats were suddenly a murmuration. A silent scream got stuck in my throat and my knees began to crumple.

‘Imagine sleeping here in Gomantong caves?’ said the guide.

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 121

100wcgu-7Julia has been to see Gok Wan so her prompt this week is . . . on the cat walk . . .

The Moment I Wake Up

My first heels. Only an inch high, but oh-so-shiny patent, with little velvet bows on the front. They’re beige, and a perfect match for my shift dress. It’s a soft yellow, big bold flowers and way above my knees.

I’m wearing Miners Dead Beige lipstick and Pan Stick. My hair is tied high with a chiffon scarf, looped into a puffy ball and Linda Wright gave me a squirt of her Aqua Manda.

I’m thirteen, it’s my school fashion show, and I’m strutting on the cat walk in the dress that got me first prize in needlework class.

I Say a Little Prayer.


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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week#119

… whenever I hear it, I think of you …. is Julia’s prompt this week, here are my 100.


Sea King

They rush to get the boys off the football pitch. One, in green shorts and a striped top dribbles a ball in circles, oblivious of the shouts; he’s waiting for grommet surgery. Soon even he hears it, or feels the vibrations, and runs out of the way of the big yellow bird, coming in to land next to the hospital. It’s the Sea King again, whenever I hear it, I think of you.

If the air ambulance had space for both of us, you might have made it too, but it didn’t, they took me, leaving you to bleed.


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #117


‘It’s winter here in the UK and we need comfort!’ Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or . . .

Quite right Julia we do. Here is my response to her prompt.

Spiced comfort

‘Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or?’ these few words uttered by the softest voice were a pleasure to his ears. He chose hot chocolate.

‘Milk, dark, white, with marshmallows, cream on top?’

He frowned, ‘Just dark please.’

‘Mint, mocha?’ he was getting irritated, since when did a hot drink become so complicated?

‘No thanks,’ he sank into an armchair to wait.

She called across, ‘Spice? Ginger, chilli?

His mind whirled, spice? hang on, I remember now. . .

‘Don’t suppose you’d have cardamom?’

She gave him the thumbs up, ‘Two minutes.’

The rich, fragrant liquid permeated his senses and he relaxed.

Ahh, now I’m home.

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week#116


Remember the Gospel

‘I’ve always wanted to come back child’ he skimmed a pebble.

But where does the water go Pop?’

‘Oh now, remember that ol’ gospel song?’

Sissy remembered good, but she humoured her grandpa, ‘Don’ know if I do, can ya sing it?’

Wash away your sin

And walk with him

Down by the riverside

Won’t you wash away your sin


The crystal water of life

Will quench your thirst

Down by the riverside

If you wash away your sin


You know, I didn’t think I’d live long enough, I washed away my sin.’

‘Aww Pop, you won’t ever die, but where does the water go?’


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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #112

It’s been months since I took part in Julia’s challenge, and even now I nearly missed this weeks brilliant photo prompt. It made me laugh though and I couldn’t resist.


So here is my little flash.


 He could see them in the distant light. Size nines with his charity shop jeans tucked in, but his feet weren’t in them now. He tried tugging his rod but lost his grip this time. Damn, it was the best one he owned, and he nearly had the catch of his life with it. Until the creature caught him. What was a whale doing there anyway?

He reached for a tooth to pull himself up, slipped on saliva into a mattress of grey blubber, soft as down, and there slept on, dreaming dreams of loch monsters and Moby Dick.

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 92

I’m very late posting last weeks challenge, never mind! The prompt was YELLOW, in honour of the sun the Julia had been enjoying. The new challenge will be out today at meanwhile here is,



Each spring, the gorse carpets the heath in golden yellow, reminding me of my loss. I walk the moor to immerse myself in its fragrance, though I can hardly bear it. Never has the extreme weather of 2003 been repeated. Some higher power must have punished me to have swept my child away in the river.
Ten years have passed.
‘God give me a sign; let me know my child is safe’ and then, a few feet from me stood a hare, it eyes, almost human, met mine. I held my breath; time seemed to stand still until it hopped away.